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Lego Game of Thrones Houses

Great Houses are the most powerful members of nobility of the Seven Kingdoms, often being former royalty and now sworn directly to the Iron Throne. A fierce lion, a howling direwolf, a kraken whose tentacles clutch at ships that pass – most of the Houses’ sigils in Game of Thrones are easy to interpret.

House Stark:

It doesn’t take much thinking to figure out that the white field of their sigil represents the snow of the north, and the direwolf is by far the most famous creature to come out of that frosty region. Like the Starks, direwolves are incredibly loyal to their masters and will attack those who threaten them

  • Sigil: A grey direwolf on a white field
  • House words: Winter is coming
  • The hidden meaning: They’re loyal.

House Lannister

Gold and red have always been associated with royalty, yet the Lannisters have never crowned themselves kings. Think of this telling colour choice more as a sign of their naked ambition. The lion itself takes a bit more explaining. A legend surrounding the Lannister’s ancestor Lann the Clever says that he released lions into Casterly Rock when it belonged to House Casterly.

  • Sigil: A golden lion rampant on a crimson field
  • House words: Hear me roar (or A Lannister always pays his debts)
  • The hidden meaning: They’re rich, cunning, and love to show it off.

House Targaryen ( Dracarys! )

The three-headed dragon on their sigil has a prophetic significance yet it’s also based in real Targaryen history. After the nation of Valyria got destroyed in the mysterious Doom, Aegon Targaryen and his sisters Visenya and Rhaenys flew to Westeros on three dragons named Balerion, Meraxes, and Vhagar. Using this terrifying airborne power to spearhead their conquest, they destroyed anyone who stood in their way with the power of dragonfire.

  • Sigil: A red three-headed dragon on a black field
  • House words: Fire and blood
  • The hidden meaning: Do not cross them, or you’ll regret it.

House Tyrell

Roses are stunning. They smell good, and they make people delight when they get given one. You know what they also have? Thorns. Just like the flower, the Tyrells disguise their cunning with kindness and charitable giving.

  • Sigil: A golden rose on a green field
  • House words: Growing strong
  • The hidden meaning: Don’t be fooled by their beauty or kindness – they’re dangerous

House Tully

The Tullys, like the Starks, are loyal and pride themselves on their family above all else. The symbol of the trout doesn’t appear to have much meaning apart from signifying their seat of Riverrun, which is right next to the Trident river. However, like the commonplace nature of the trout, the Tullys have married into a variety of families all over the kingdom. As Brynden Tully the Blackfish put it, “My ancestors knew that in order for the family to survive, alliances must be made. Their trout has swum up so many rivers over the centuries and lept onto so many plates, that it is a wonder half of the realm’s sigils do not have fins by now”.

So there’s a bit of Tully in many families all over Westeros, meaning that when the time comes there should be multiple Houses who are willing to come to the Tully’s aid. That’s the theory, anyway. It hasn’t quite gone to plan, as Edmure Tully, his wife Roslin, and their son are the only surviving members at the moment. 

  • Sigil: A grey direwolf on a white field
  • House words: Winter is coming
  • The hidden meaning: They’re loyal.

House Bolton

The Bolton’s sigil is very literal. They used to skin people until Eddard Stark outlawed it in the North. Ahem. Not that Ramsay Bolton paid much attention to that. It’s also a subtle middle finger to the Starks, as for centuries the Bolton’s rebelled against their rule of the North by killing several Starks, skinning them, and wearing their skins as cloaks.

  • Sigil: A red flayed man, hanging upside-down on a white X-shaped cross, on a black field
  • House words: Our blades are sharp
  • The hidden meaning: You won’t be able to hide anything from them, so don’t try

House Martell

Arya’s direwolf Nymeria was named after one half of the Martell Sigil, dontcha know. Princess Nymeria sailed to Dorne after the Valyrians forced her and her Rhoynar people to flee their home, and they didn’t exactly make friends once they reached the shore.

  • Sigil: A red sun pierced by a gold spear on an orange field
  • House words: Unbowed, unbent, unbroken
  • The hidden meaning: Fierce, and not one for surrendering

House Greyjoy

Oddly enough, the psychopath Ramsay Bolton summed up the Greyjoys best: “Kraken: strong, as long as they’re in the sea. When you take them out of the water, no bones. They collapse under their proud weight, and slump into a heap of nothing.” The Greyjoys take great pride on their raiding ability, but their strength is invested in the coast – so land-locked regions have very little to worry about.

  • Sigil: A golden kraken on a black field
  • House words: We do not sow
  • The hidden meaning: They’re a force to be reckoned with

House Baratheon

The Baratheons’ sigil is a funny one to pick apart because it doesn’t really belong to them. Not properly, anyway. Centuries ago Orys Baratheon ( the founder of House Baratheon and the bastard half-brother of Aegon the Conquerer ) seized the seat of House Durrandon, Storm’s End. With it he took the Durrandon’s sigil and words.

  • Sigil: A black stag rampant on a gold field (former), a crowned black stag rampant on a gold field (current)
  • House words: Ours is the fury
  • The hidden meaning: Take what isn’t yours by force

House Arryn

Another sigil that’s rooted in history, the Arryn falcon volant ( i.e. flying ) refers to the legend of Ser Artys Arryn. Stories say he had a giant falcon for a steed, landing on the tallest mountain of the Vale and defeating the leader of the First Men who ruled there. Synonymous with House Arryn is the Eyrie, a castle that’s found on the peak of the Mountains of the Moon – hence the crescent in the sigil – with a sheer drop into a valley on almost all sides. Having the moon closely associated with their name also means no-one’s likely to forget their Moon Door, a sheer drop onto the rocks below that’s the preferred method of ( splattery ) execution.

  • Sigil: A white falcon volant and crescent moon on a blue field
  • House words: As high as honor
  • The hidden meaning: They can afford to be picky with alliances


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