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The royal bodyguards

The Lego Kingsguard, also known poetically as the White Swords, are the royal bodyguards of the Lego Iron Throne. A Kingsguard, the royal bodyguards of the Lego Iron Throne, serves for life, regardless of age or any physical or mental ailments.

When an invalid Kingsguard knight is incapable of performing his duties. They are taken up by his sworn brothers. The knights of the Kingsguard are forbidden to marry, father children, and to hold land. The White Swords may retain or be granted certain titles.

Aemon Targaryen and Lewyn Martell continued to use the style of “prince”, while Lord Commanders Ryam Redwyne, Criston Cole, and Marston Waters also acted as Hand of the King.

The first duty of the Kingsguard is defending the king from harm. The Kingsguard are sworn to obey the king’s commands. To keep his secrets, to counsel him when requested and to keep silent when not, and to defend his name and honor.

The king can decide to extend the protection offered by the Kingsguard to others. Some kings have chosen to extend this protection to their wives. Children, and other relatives, and some have even chosen to grant this protection to their lovers, mistresses, and bastards. The Kingsguard are sworn to protect the queen.

They are also sworn not to harm any member of the royal family.


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